Thursday, April 13, 2017

Isn't That a Pyramid Scheme?

I will always applaud a mama for wanting to stay at home with her kids, but also make an income by selling Lularoe.
Or the girl in college selling Mary Kay.
Or my friends step mom who sells tupperware.
I'm just not interested in joining your Facebook group or going to your parties.
When I signed up for Plexus a few weeks ago, it was mostly because I wanted to get the products at a discount.
I had been taking quite a few for about a year and I'm impressed with the benefits.
I have gotten my mom and boyfriend to start taking the Probio5 now, as well.
I've been super hesitant to talk about the products with people, or post on my Facebook page, for fear of my friends rolling their eyes and blocking me.
I'm not in the business of "selling" per se, but who's going to turn down a little money?
Not me!
I wanted to go over a few points to show how Plexus is different from most multi-level marketing, "MLM", or network marketing companies.
I got this information from Julia, the ambassador above me.

*Your buy in cost is typically high.
*You have to meet a minimum personal volume each month to maintain your status as a distributor.
*To move up in the company, you usually have to sign up several people under you and get them to move up as well.
*There is often times a financial cap on what you can make. Lame!
*You are "encouraged" to carry a large inventory of product, host parties, make deliveries, and handle money.

*Your start up cost is 34.95 {if you sign up under me in April and guy a welcome packet -at wholesale price-, you will be reimbursed that money!} Also, it is an annual fee, but is easily made up in the amount saved from buying products at wholesale, or by making money off of what others buy from you.
*You aren't required to meet a minimum personal volume and you never lose your wholesale discount.
*You can advance in the company without having a certain number of distributors under you.
*There is NO financial cap on what you can make!
*Orders are placed online and shipped directly to the customers doorstep! No dealing with other people money!
*Plexus is more about helping each other live a healthy life. There is a plethora of ailments that Plexus products can help with. Leaky gut, rheumatoid arthritis, yeast infections and UTI's, weight loss or gain depending on what your body needs, migraines, acid reflux, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, acne/skin irritations...the list goes on!

This is a pretty cool video that talks a little bit more about the pyramid scheme idea.
I personally have seen benefits from Probio5, Bioclease, and Slim.
I have way less sugar cravings, my skin is super clear when I used to have hormonal breakouts, no more infections, and I would get headaches without my daily cup of coffee.
I don't even drink coffee now!
I'm turning 30 this year and making my health is a huge priority.
I'm also working full time and part time at a second job AND going back to school for my masters!
I also have been dealing with a shoulder injury for about two years now and have been going to doctors visits for almost a year.
I recently found out I may have to have surgery.
I feel good knowing with Plexus, I have an opportunity to cover my doctors bills and hopefully for some of my classes too without going into major debt!
So to all you people trying to get healthy, and yes, make some extra money, come join my team!
I'm Lindsey the #alaskaambassador and I'm ready to help YOU reach your health and monetary goal!

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