Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Plexus - My Why

About a year ago I was dealing with some mild health concerns.
Stomach and digestion issues, yeast infections, afternoon crash, always feeling tired...the list goes on.
Besides needing to lose a bit of weight, I am a healthy woman.
I don't have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar.
I stand all day at my job and take the stairs often.
My friend kept telling me about these products she was taking and how amazing she felt.
She told me about her pregnant sister and how her doctor advised her to continue taking the probiotic.
She told me how much the products helped with her parents health.
I didn't pay too much attention until my own health issues came up.
Isn't that how it always goes?
I figured I was young and I didn't need supplements, but I pretty much have had stomach issues since I was little.
I'm lactose intolerant, but don't always stay 100% dairy free {damn you, Ben&Jerry's!}
I thought it was about time I finally take the plunge, along with cleaning up my diet a bit, and try some of these Plexus products I'd been hearing so much about.
Here's some things it's helped with so far:

- Gut health
- Bathroom regularity
- More energy
- Better sleep
- Clearer skin
- Less sugar cravings {for someone who thinks about desserts 243984357 times a day, this is huge!}

I'm still at the beginning of my Plexus journey and I'd love for you to join me!
Even thought I'm not the pushy friend who Facebook messages everyone she's ever known to try to get them to buy products, I will occasionally post about it on here.
If you're interested, feel free to ask me any questions or check out the products here!

xo Lindsey

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