Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

I got this idea from Fierce, Fit and Fabulous!  It's a challenge to post a picture everyday for the month of March {so what if I'm starting a few days late}.  Also, on each day is a specific thing to write about or post a picture about.  I'm so excited and it's such a great idea!  You should do it too!

A picture of myself with ten facts -

1) I'm an Auntie to the cutest little munchkin, Zoey{above}, and found out last night I'll be an auntie again in about 8 months =)

2) I'm so close with my family.  They live in Alaska and I'm the 'black sheep' that moved to Virginia.  I miss them so much, but it's nice to be on my own also.

3) I am terrified of spiders and heights.  I would rather swim with sharks than be in the same room with a spider.  Very ridiculous, I know.

4) I graduated in four years with a B.S. in Psychology...I now work in a deli/bakery and I love it!  Grad school may be ready for me someday, but not today.

5) I want to see the world.  I literally want to go everywhere.  A few of my top picks -- Greece, Rome, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

6) I always tell myself that I need to lose a few pounds, but then I find myself getting a chocolate peanut butter milkshake from a local shop down the road.  I need to stop, I just can't!

7) Yes, I am 23 and yes, I am still single.  I'm ok with it and you should be too. =)

8) I've always been a bit of a pushover.  I'm learning to be more assertive and stand up for myself.

9) I love hand sanitizer.  Like, love it!  For my birthday and Christmas, my friends will always give me different hand sanitizers.

10) I have the best friends.  You'll probably read about them a lot on this blog. =)

Thanks for reading!

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