Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stitch Fix #8!

This was the first Stich Fix I had gotten in a while.
I had plenty of sweaters and jackets to make it through winter.
I needed more tops for summer, so I had a Fix sent hoping for some good items.
It did not disappoint!

'Daniel Rainn' Calhan Lace Neckline Knit Top
The picture makes the shirt look short, but it's actually quite long and flowy.
I like the detailing on the top of the shirt too, soft and feminine.
Verdict: Keep!

'Lila Ryan' Liza Skinny Jean
I don't really need more jeans, but the fit of these was perfect, so I decided to keep them.
Verdict: Keep!

'Tart' Anahi Printed Knit Blazer
I had just pinned a picture of a blazer very similar to this and was excited to see my stylist jump on it!
I don't own a lot of blazers, but it's the easiest thing to throw over almost any outfit.
Verdict: Keep!

'Daniel Rainn' Bettola Split Neck Silk Blouse
Yay, a pop of color!
I think this fit is really flattering on my body type and I love coral.
Verdict: Keep!

'Brixon Ivy' Renetta Dress
This dress reminds me of my bridesmaid dress from my college best friends a good way!
I am a fan of cobalt blue and, of course, lace detail.
Verdict: Keep!

This was a great Fix and I requested the same stylist for next time.
If you want to look into Stitch Fix more, use this link.
It's great for getting out of a style rut.
Let me know what you think if you try it!

XO Lindsey

Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Musings

Welcome back to my Monday Musings.
These are things I've been thinking about and it's a fun way to discover new music, books, tv shows, etc...

What I'm Listening To: Coldplay's New Album, specifically the song 'Amazing Day'
I wish they had an official video out, but they are so good live.
This whole album is amazing.
My boyfriend hates Coldplay...what's wrong with him?! :|
I love Coldplay and would pay so much money to see them live!

What I'm Reading: Brit + Co
I got the app a few days ago and have been reading everything.
The topics range from DYI and fashion to food and health.
It even offers online classes on photography, calligraphy, nail art, beer brewing, and more!
It's just a fun website/app to read articles about whatever interests you.

What I'm Watching: I just finished watching 'Chelsea Does' on Netflix.
I liked it a lot.
I've always thought Chelsea was hilarious, but I liked how she was able to go al little bit deeper, especially with the racism episode.
I really hope there is a second season!

My boyfriend also got me hooked on 'The Jinx'.
Holy moly.
This was intense.
I'm very interested to watch his upcoming trial.

Now that I'm done with both of those, I've started re-watching 'Game of Thrones' from the beginning.
I haven't seen the last few seasons, but I forgot where I left off, so I just started over.

What I'm Eating: Fruits & Veggies!
At work we're doing a wellness challenge.
We get points for eating fruits and vegetables, weighing in, losing or maintaining weight, working out, and various other things.
Admittedly, I do not eat enough veggies.
I'd pick a fruit bowl over broccoli and carrots any day.
A personal goal is to eat 3 vegetables a day and only 1 or 2 fruits.

What I'm Wearing: Hempz Creamy Papaya & Shea
Found here
I found this at Ulta and fell in love.
It's not there anymore though!
I had to buy pomegranate this time, which I'm hoping I'll love just as much.
It doesn't leave me feeling greasy, and keeps my super dry skin feeling moisturized and soft all day.
I'm hoping I find the Papaya & Shea again soon!

Let me know below in the comments what you're currently loving!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Stich Fix #7

Yay for another Stich Fix!
I wish I had done a review for box #6, but I don't think I kept anything, or maybe just one item.
This month, I decided to keep two items for myself, and give one to my mom and send the other two back.
I've gotten a lot better at not keeping all five items just because I'd get a 25% discount.
I try to only keep items that I love and that fit me.
Although, I did keep a dress in this Fix that is a bit snug, but I loved it too much to send back!
I have so many clothes hanging in my closet that "will fit someday"...but that's a huge waste of money.
I plan on revamping my closet soon and consigning all my clothes that I don't wear or don't fit.
That will be a post for another day.
So, here's my latest Fix!
'41Hawthorn' Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress
This is the dress I kept because duh!
I love the color and fit and the price was on point.
Verdict: Keep

'Market & Spruce' Carly Graphic Print Cardigan
My stylist picked this because I love oversized sweaters and my Pinterest board has some aztec prints.
I fell in love with this at first sight.
Verdict: Keep

'Market & Spruce' Kristah Ruffle Knit Blazer
I wanted this to fit and look great on me!
Look how cute the back is... 
Unfortunately, the stretchy fabric and single button was not very flattering on me.
I asked my stylist to try sending another blazer with a more structured fit next time.
I also would prefer something with a pop of color.
Verdict: Return 

'Liverpool' Rizzo Skinny Pant
These were so cute!
I loved the idea of them.
No zipper, a little bit of a stretchy waist band, but not too stretchy to look like leggings.
The only problem was they were a little too loose around the calf/ankle area and bunched up.
I liked them so much I might have kept them, but they were very pricey and I was already keeping a dress that didn't fit quite yet.
Verdict: Return

The other item that I gave to my mom was a cowl neck top in grey and 3/4 length sleeves.
It was nice, but I already have maybe 4 grey sweaters from Stitch Fix.
That is one thing I am getting kind of tired of.
I keep asking for a bright pop of color and I continuously get black, navy, grey, and white with an occasional red thrown in.
Those tend to be the Fix's I keep the most, however, I am dying for a bright pink dress or yellow pants or a cobalt blue blazer.
I'm hoping in the Spring I'll get some more colors.
Click here to check out Stitch Fix for yourself!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Celebrating 28 and Post Holiday Goals

This past holiday season was filled with amazing memories.
It was my first Christmas at Apple, which was mostly filled with cheery people...mostly.
Getting to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend.

And filled with plenty of treats.
In fact, there was so many treats that I packed on a few too many pounds.
It got so bad that I made 4 goals at the start of the new year {not resolutions, because who actually keeps those, right?}.
These 4 goals are as follows:
1) Eat breakfast/drink coffee at home instead of grabbing Starbucks every morning. Saving me lots of money and lots of calories.
2) Pack my lunch at home to bring with me to work. Again, not eating at the mall saves me lots of money and lots of calories.
3) Stop buying junk out of the vending machine. See 1&2 for reasoning.
4) Using the stairs at work instead of the elevator. I've been having a hard time getting to the gym lately and jogging up the stairs gets my heart rate up just a tiny bit.

I'm hoping these 4 changes make a big impact on my health and my wallet.
Like I said, I haven't been going to the gym like I used to.
Maybe it's how dark and cold it is up here.
Maybe I'm just lazy.
Either way, my body isn't happy about it.
You know when you just can't find the motivation?
That's where I'm at.
I'm hoping as these goals take effect, I'll be more intentional with getting workouts in.
Until then, I'll just watch YouTube videos about working out.
Buff Bunny is one of my favorite channels.
She's a fellow Alaskan and she is amazing.
Check her out!

What motivates you to work out?

Who's your favorite YouTuber?

I hope your 2016 started off and continues to be great!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Seattle Seahawks Game!

About a month ago I had the amazing opportunity to go to a Seattle Seahawks game with my two brothers and sister-in-law.
Here are a few highlights from the trip!

Top Pot Donuts!
So worth it.

The original Starbucks!
I thought that was really cool to see and they had the original logo still hanging outside.

My sister-in-law and I with our Starbucks at Pikes.

The Clink! {Century Link}
I was so hyped.

Before the game, watching warm ups.
Of course, I had to get a Sherman Jersey.
He's my boy!
The game was incredibly fun and the stadium was crazy loud.
I was so bummed Seattle lost {against Arizona}, but I definitely plan on going back to watch more!
And I can officially cross this off of my 35 by 35 list!

XO Lindsey

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stitch Fix #5 Review

Hi friends!
Earlier this month I got my Stitch Fix while I was on vacation because I forgot to change the date.
If you don't know, you only have 3 days to send some items back if you don't like them.
So, I had my dad take pictures of the clothes so I could kind of see if I wanted to send anything back.
I was a little bummed because I asked for a pop of color {thinking hot pink or cobalt blue} and I got a merlot colored scarf instead.
It is cute and I will definitely wear it, I guess I will have to be super specific from now on with my requests because the stylists can't read my mind!
Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I got though.

 'Just Black' Faye Skinny Jean
I have really been liking the Just Black jeans I got in a couple of Fix's.
I asked for colorful or different jeans and these are dark grey.
I like that I'll be able to wear them with everything.
Verdict: Keep!

'Loveappella' Delana Flutter Sleeve Knit Top
I really like the idea of this top.
The fit is a little too stretchy and fitted for me, but the sleeves are so cute.
I will probably wear it under a jacket or blazer.
Verdict: Keep

Now, I love a good flowy top, but I said several times in my style profile on Stitch Fix that I hate bohemian styles.
I couldn't get a picture that showed all the details of the shirt, but my town has this party every Fall called the Pirate Pub Crawl and this would have been perfect for it.
I would have sent this back if I had been home, but I guess off to the consignment shop you go.
Verdict: Keep!...begrudgingly. 

'Octavia' Beau Fringe Infinity Scarf
I've never had an infinity scarf, but I put it on and liked it.
The shape and color add some fun to any neutral outfit.

'Fate' Roan Dress
I squealed when I saw this dress.
I had pinned soon many black, lace dresses.
My stylist for this box said she knew I'd love it because it looked almost exactly like one of the dresses I pinned.
She was right!
I can't wait to wear this for a super fancy date night or girls getaway!

It wasn't my favorite box, but the dress blew me away and I'm really happy with it.
For my next box I asked for a blazer, specifically pink, and something sparkly for upcoming birthday/holiday parties.
Hopefully, Stitch Fix delivers!
XO, Lindsey.

P.S. I was a little hasty with my review of the poncho on my Stitch Fix #4 review.
I actually ended up putting it on with skinny jeans, a casual t-shirt, and boots and I got so many compliments.
It actually was really cute!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

Hi friends!
As you may have noticed, I skipped Stitch Fix #3 and moved right along to #4.
I was not very happy with my 3rd box.
I had a new stylist who was trying to give me pieces unlike what I'd previously received.
That was really great of her and I actually like the style of a few of the items she sent me, but the cut and fit of most of the clothes just weren't flattering on me.
I ended up returning all but 1 item which I gave to my mom.
This box was completely the opposite.
There was only 1 item I didn't love, but kept anyway because I got the 25% off for keeping everything.
Let's jump right in.

 'RD Style' Jilliana Cocoon Open Cardigan
I am obsessed with oversized sweaters, but love that the sleeves are fitted.
It seems to give it more structure, but still have some slouch.
Verdict: Keep!

'THML' Jaylie Cowl Neck Colorblocked Poncho 
This was the one piece I did not like so much.
It was really baggy and shapeless.
I like cowl necks and this could be cute in theory {with some leggings and boots}, but this looked like a potato sack on me.
The only reason I kept it was to get my 25% off the entire box by keeping everything.
Verdict: Keep!...but probably taking to my consignment shop.

'Skies are Blue' Sisou Button Down Top
I love, love, love this top!
It's perfect for Fall and reminiscent of some tops I had pinned on my Fashion/Stitch Fix board.
The material is thick and the color scheme is really similar to exactly what I asked for.
That's one reason I'm constantly pinning clothes and specifying what I like about the outfit.
It makes picking out items I'll love easier for my stylist.
I also adore the stitching on the inside of the shirt where the buttons are.
Such a fun detail.
Verdict: Keep!

'RD Style' Dallas Side Slit Knit Top
This shirt is so fun!
The sides slits give it a really cool twist.
I love sweaters, I love neutrals, I love casual with an extra feature added to make it different.
This top is the definition of my style.
Verdict: Keep!

'Just Black' Dean Skinny Jean
In my previous Fix's I wasn't too thrilled with the jeans sent my way.
I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my body...doesn't everyone?
I made a note that I wasn't interested in receiving more jeans unless they were a fun color or had zippers on them.
Well, Stitch Fix delivered.
These fit really well, aren't super stretchy and sag off my butt in 1 hour, AND have zippers at the bottom.
I was in need of some new black skinnies and these are perfect.
Verdict: Keep!

If you look at my Pinterest board, you'll notice I'm currently loving sparkly, lacy, and a little more dressy pieces.
I asked that my next Stitch Fix be a bit more glam and girly to change it up.
With the Holidays coming, I'm hoping to dress up a little more.
Shouldn't be too hard now that I have a man-friend in my life {I don't like calling him boyfriend because it sounds like we're 13}.
If you want to sign up, click here!
It's really fun and totally worth trying out!

Do you get Stitch Fix?
What are your favorite pieces so far?

Have a great week, friends!
XO Lindsey