Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stitch Fix #5 Review

Hi friends!
Earlier this month I got my Stitch Fix while I was on vacation because I forgot to change the date.
If you don't know, you only have 3 days to send some items back if you don't like them.
So, I had my dad take pictures of the clothes so I could kind of see if I wanted to send anything back.
I was a little bummed because I asked for a pop of color {thinking hot pink or cobalt blue} and I got a merlot colored scarf instead.
It is cute and I will definitely wear it, I guess I will have to be super specific from now on with my requests because the stylists can't read my mind!
Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I got though.

 'Just Black' Faye Skinny Jean
I have really been liking the Just Black jeans I got in a couple of Fix's.
I asked for colorful or different jeans and these are dark grey.
I like that I'll be able to wear them with everything.
Verdict: Keep!

'Loveappella' Delana Flutter Sleeve Knit Top
I really like the idea of this top.
The fit is a little too stretchy and fitted for me, but the sleeves are so cute.
I will probably wear it under a jacket or blazer.
Verdict: Keep

Now, I love a good flowy top, but I said several times in my style profile on Stitch Fix that I hate bohemian styles.
I couldn't get a picture that showed all the details of the shirt, but my town has this party every Fall called the Pirate Pub Crawl and this would have been perfect for it.
I would have sent this back if I had been home, but I guess off to the consignment shop you go.
Verdict: Keep!...begrudgingly. 

'Octavia' Beau Fringe Infinity Scarf
I've never had an infinity scarf, but I put it on and liked it.
The shape and color add some fun to any neutral outfit.

'Fate' Roan Dress
I squealed when I saw this dress.
I had pinned soon many black, lace dresses.
My stylist for this box said she knew I'd love it because it looked almost exactly like one of the dresses I pinned.
She was right!
I can't wait to wear this for a super fancy date night or girls getaway!

It wasn't my favorite box, but the dress blew me away and I'm really happy with it.
For my next box I asked for a blazer, specifically pink, and something sparkly for upcoming birthday/holiday parties.
Hopefully, Stitch Fix delivers!
XO, Lindsey.

P.S. I was a little hasty with my review of the poncho on my Stitch Fix #4 review.
I actually ended up putting it on with skinny jeans, a casual t-shirt, and boots and I got so many compliments.
It actually was really cute!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

Hi friends!
As you may have noticed, I skipped Stitch Fix #3 and moved right along to #4.
I was not very happy with my 3rd box.
I had a new stylist who was trying to give me pieces unlike what I'd previously received.
That was really great of her and I actually like the style of a few of the items she sent me, but the cut and fit of most of the clothes just weren't flattering on me.
I ended up returning all but 1 item which I gave to my mom.
This box was completely the opposite.
There was only 1 item I didn't love, but kept anyway because I got the 25% off for keeping everything.
Let's jump right in.

 'RD Style' Jilliana Cocoon Open Cardigan
I am obsessed with oversized sweaters, but love that the sleeves are fitted.
It seems to give it more structure, but still have some slouch.
Verdict: Keep!

'THML' Jaylie Cowl Neck Colorblocked Poncho 
This was the one piece I did not like so much.
It was really baggy and shapeless.
I like cowl necks and this could be cute in theory {with some leggings and boots}, but this looked like a potato sack on me.
The only reason I kept it was to get my 25% off the entire box by keeping everything.
Verdict: Keep!...but probably taking to my consignment shop.

'Skies are Blue' Sisou Button Down Top
I love, love, love this top!
It's perfect for Fall and reminiscent of some tops I had pinned on my Fashion/Stitch Fix board.
The material is thick and the color scheme is really similar to exactly what I asked for.
That's one reason I'm constantly pinning clothes and specifying what I like about the outfit.
It makes picking out items I'll love easier for my stylist.
I also adore the stitching on the inside of the shirt where the buttons are.
Such a fun detail.
Verdict: Keep!

'RD Style' Dallas Side Slit Knit Top
This shirt is so fun!
The sides slits give it a really cool twist.
I love sweaters, I love neutrals, I love casual with an extra feature added to make it different.
This top is the definition of my style.
Verdict: Keep!

'Just Black' Dean Skinny Jean
In my previous Fix's I wasn't too thrilled with the jeans sent my way.
I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my body...doesn't everyone?
I made a note that I wasn't interested in receiving more jeans unless they were a fun color or had zippers on them.
Well, Stitch Fix delivered.
These fit really well, aren't super stretchy and sag off my butt in 1 hour, AND have zippers at the bottom.
I was in need of some new black skinnies and these are perfect.
Verdict: Keep!

If you look at my Pinterest board, you'll notice I'm currently loving sparkly, lacy, and a little more dressy pieces.
I asked that my next Stitch Fix be a bit more glam and girly to change it up.
With the Holidays coming, I'm hoping to dress up a little more.
Shouldn't be too hard now that I have a man-friend in my life {I don't like calling him boyfriend because it sounds like we're 13}.
If you want to sign up, click here!
It's really fun and totally worth trying out!

Do you get Stitch Fix?
What are your favorite pieces so far?

Have a great week, friends!
XO Lindsey

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Car!

After 15 years, my {well, really my parents'} trusty SAAB has decided to kick the bucket.
I drove that car my senior year in high school and also the past two years I've been back home in Alaska.
I think maybe the day I got my drivers license
I decided it was time to make an adult decision and buy a car.
I opted for a brand new car because that's just how I roll {and mostly because I want it to last me the next 15 years, so I think the car payments are worth it}.
I couldn't be more happy with my Subaru Legacy!
Right after I got it, the parking garage at work was doing some construction and of course got some adhesive on my brand new baby!
They were really cool about it and paid to get it fixed.
Otherwise, I would of had a cow, but it all worked out.
Making car payments is not fun, especially on top of student loan payments.
I was hoping to have my own apartment by now, but not paying rent is the only option at the moment.
I'm toying with the idea of getting a second job at Sephora again.
Part time, extra money, Holiday gratis...yes please!
In other news, it's September!
Bring on the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Fall candles from Bath & Body Works, boots & favorite time of year {until it snows and I have an excuse to drink hot chocolate and consume all things peppermint}.
I have some really exciting stuff happening and coming up soon, so I will be blogging more often to keep you all up to date.
I always forget how much of a sanctuary this blog was for me when I first created it, and I love having a creative outlet.
Until next time!

XO Lindsey

Monday, July 13, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 Review!

Well, just like last time, my stylist Sarah killed it!
The personalized note the stylists add makes it so much more special.
Her note was so sweet and hopefully she reads this {hi Sarah!} so she knows how much I love Stitch Fix.
There are 1 or 2 items I won't be keeping, but it's merely an issue of fit, not style.
I wish you could see me opening the box.
Literally, every item I pick up I gasp and say, "love!" haha
Let's start with the definite keepers.

'Loveappella' Sevilla Funnel Neck French Terry Sweatshirt
This is so me!
Comfy, easy going, and really cute.
Perfect for Fall and cool Summer nights.
Verdict: Keep!

 'Brixon Ivy' Pinson Drape Cardigan
This is so romantic looking!
I'm a sucker for cardigans and I love the pop of pink.
Verdict: Keep!

'Pixley' Ivy Petal Print Blouse
I love flow blouses and this has such a great v-neck cut and fun pattern.
Verdict: Keep!

'Market & Spruce' Lana Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse
I realllllly wanted to love this.
Black and white? Yes please.
Lace? Obsessed!
The fit was just too boxy on me.
Verdict: Return.

'Out From the Kloth' Denna Skinny Jean
I liked the look of these, but they were too long and too stretchy.
I knew after a day of wearing them they would be super saggy on my little booty.
Verdict: Return.

So far, I'm really happy with my decision to sign up for Stitch Fix!
I also got my mom to sign up and her first box arrives soon!
If you want to sign up click here!
It's worth it.
You pay $20 a month for 5 items personalized to your style and whatever items you keep the $20 is subtracted from the total.
If you only keep 1 item, you haven't lost anything!
I can't wait for my next Fix {and maybe I'll stop being lazy and actually show you the pieces tried on...maybe!}
Stay tuned for my next post about my NEW CAR!!!

XO Lindsey

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My First Stitch Fix

Hello again, blog world!
Life has been going a million miles a minute lately.
Can you believe it's already half way through the year?
Crazy how some days and weeks can seem to last forever and then you turn around and it's a new month.
I needed to switch up some things in my life recently, clothes being one of them.
I work inside a mall so the last thing I want to do is shop.
Rarely do I buy new clothes unless I happen to walk by something I can't live without or am in desperate need for some jeans.
Living in Alaska, I always feel like my options are limited or that everyone else will be wearing the same things.
After my sister-in-law mentioned she got Stitch Fix and was really happy with it, I decided to give it a try.
For those of you who don't know what Stitch Fix is, it's a monthly $20 subscription where you get a box of 5 items a month {or whenever you set it up to be delivered}.
Start by filling out your style preferences, size, colors...all that good stuff, and a stylist will pull items for you.
It's really cool!
You can choose to keep as many or none of the items and the $20 dollars goes towards your purchase.
If you decide to keep the entire box, 25% is taken off of your whole box!
Don't worry too much about prices because you get to specify how much you're willing to spend on certain items.
I was very specific about my style and what I wanted, while giving my personal stylist leeway to break me out of my shell.
I made a board on Pinterest explaining my style and my stylist nailed it!
Here is my first box and I kept everything!
P.S. they don't look as good hanging on the hanger, but I'm too lazy to put them all on and set up a tripod to take selfies.
 'Market & Spruce' Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan
I love this sweater!
I don't anything like it, but I love wearing sweaters.
Come Fall/Winter I will probably wear this often with skinny jeans and boots.

'Market & Spruce' Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket
I had pinned a green jacket similar to this a few times on Pinterest.
I guess my stylist got the hint.
This jacket is even cuter than the original one I wanted.
I love the hood, the drawstring and button details, and the peachy/orange zipper adds a touch of playfulness.

'41Hawthorne' Tameron Button Down Blouse
I have a thing for long, flow tops.
This is simple, but can go with a lot of different outfits and is comfy.

'Skies are Blue' Avena Sleeveless Split Neck Tank
At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about this top.
Plaid isn't usually my thing, but then I kind of felt like it would be perfect for 4th of July or just a more casual look.
I didn't love it, but since I was keeping everything else is made sense to get the 25% off and keep this as well.

'Just Black' Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jean
I wasn't sure about these since I already have a pair of skinnies I really love.
But the color and fit was different than the ones I have.
And they made my butt look pretty dang good!

Another cool feature about Stich Fix is that they send suggestions about how to wear the pieces dressed up or down.
Overall, I'm just really satisfied and can't wait for my next Fix!!
If you want to sign up, click here!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Products I'm Loving and Life Update

Oh, hey there!
Yep, still alive.
The past several months have been a whirlwind.
So many heartaches, so many changes, so much growing.
What kind of changes, you might ask?
One major change I made recently was with my job.
I went part time at Sephora and got a full time specialist position at Apple!
I am beyond excited for this and feel a bit more on track with my future.
In January, I was the maid of honor in high school/current/always best friends' wedding!
It was in Austin, TX, so I got to cross off two things on my 35 by 35 {visiting a new city and being the maid of honor!}

 Yes, we know we look like sisters and people ask us that every time we're together.

 Downtown Austin <3

 Malorie {bridesmaid}, Amy {photographer/hair/makeup for bride}, me, and Allie!
I became fast friends with Malorie and Amy.
Allie sure knows how to pick good people.

 The bridal/lingerie shower!

 I flippin loved this dress!

 Me and Malorie, one of the other bridesmaids/new bestie!
She was so awesome!
Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with how I did my hair/makeup.

I love the pictures!
Didn't Allie look gorgeous!?
My first Whataburger experience

That is a really, really quick life update.
Now, on to some favorite products!

I use this after I get waxes. 
I always get really bad bumps, redness, and ingrown hairs.
I've tried everything. Ev.Er.EEEE.THING!
Benedryl, exfoliating, trying different waxes, I don't work out after waxes, and I try to not wear clothes that rub on my skin.
This stuff has been my lifesaver lately.
While it doesn't completely stop ingrowns for me, it definitely helps calm down my skin and reduce redness.
I love the tiny bit of cooling/tingling sensation too.

This stuff has been amazing for my dry winter skin.
It's a scrub packed with coffee grounds, sweet almond oil, orange essence, and vitamins and minerals.
They claim it helps with dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne, and scarring.
I mostly use it on my arms where I'm super dry.
My skin is left feeling soft and moisturized {not oily!}
I haven't noticed a huge difference in the stretch marks, but mine are old and pretty faint already.
I've only tried the original scrub, but there is also a coconut coffee scrub, cacao coffee scrub, and peppermint coffee scrub all targeting specific needs.
Give it a whirl, girl!

I'll leave it to those two for now.
I have a huge list compiled of products I want to talk about, just wanted to kick it off with a few I've been using a lot lately!
I will be back SOON.


Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Reflections and 2015 Resolutions

Here we go...another post about New Years Resolutions.
Last year my biggest resolution was to lose a certain amount of weight.
While I didn't reach that specific weight loss goal, I did lose over half the amount at 37 pounds!
I'm taking this as a huge win seeing as how, in addition, I lost 10% body fat, 8 inches off my chest, 8.5 inches off my waist, and 6.25 inches off my hips!
It's crazy to think I had that much to lose in the first place.
And it's even more crazy to think of how much further I have to go!

This year has been a roller coaster.
It was my first full year back at home.
I went through so many changes, and am still trying to process everything.
One blessing was getting to spend my Poppy's (Grandpa) last year with him.
He passed in late November at the age of 98!
 Poppy teaching me to play solitaire
We had a big family reunion/birthday celebration this summer.
Perfect timing as he began to go downhill quickly soon after.
Forever in our hearts.

Of course, you know all about {or a lot about, at least} my dating adventures over the past year.
If you live outside of Alaska, I don't think you'll ever truly understand the gravity of the situation up here.
An example:
A few weeks ago I met this guy.
He asked me on a date and we went out on a Wednesday night.
Thursday night, we were at the bar where he works {where we met} and this girl started talking to me about her ex.
She was a little drunk and was going on and on about him.
Friday night, I went back to said bar {I swear I'm not an alcoholic} and was approached by another guy.
So, I'm talking to him and boy number one is working behind the bar.
They start talking and I quickly realize they're friends.
As I continue to talk to the second guy, he says, "Shit, my ex is right over there..."
I turn around and see the girl from the night before.

This is what I have to work with up here.
Everyone knows everyone and has likely already dated someone you know.
I have seen all three of them multiple times since then and this past weekend I ran into a boy I had hoped to never see again.
He used me and hurt me and left me with no closure, but when he saw me he jumped at the chance to tell me how beautiful I was and how much he had liked me...but now he had a girlfriend and was happy.
I wanted to punch him.
I don't really want to say I'm giving up on dating, but my hopes aren't quite as high this year.

I guess the last high light was becoming management at work.
I won't lie and say I love retail and it's my path in life, but Sephora has been fun.
I have met a lot of great people and found some incredible products I will use for life.
I know I keep saying this, but I will be doing more posts about certain products that I use and love!

So anyways, my goals for 2015:

-Lose 33 pounds {for a grand total of 70 pounds in 2 years!!}
My first meal of 2015 was a donut, so not exactly starting strong...

-Move into my own apartment
I love not having to pay rent, but I'm ready for my own place again.

-Take guitar lessons
I've owned my guitar for 9 years and I can't play it at all.
I've already got an instructors number so hopefully I'll be a guitarist by the end of 2015!

-Worry less
I've always been a very joyful person. Optimistic. Happy.
As of late, I've been feeling a little down.
I know this is a combination of a lot of things {lack of sunshine, boy drama, feeling stuck in a rut}, but it tends to put me in a mood where I stress over the little things.
Like, what if I never go on a second date?
Will I ever reach my goal weight?
Why can't I just finish my masters already and have a fulfilling career?!
I have to take a step back and realize I'm only 27.
My life doesn't have to fit someone else's timeline.
As long as I'm doing what I need to do to get where I need to go, that's all I can do!
Wow, that was kind of a roundabout sentence...I think you get it.

So, those are my goals.
I'm sure I can accomplish at least 1! haha
Do you have any 2015 goals or favorite memories of 2014?