Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

A picture of something that means a lot to me -

In high school, my best friend, Alex, and I were nominated for homecoming queen.
This picture was when our dads were seeing us walk down the stairs before they escorted us out.
That's my dad on the right and her dad on the left.
Isn't he adorbs!?
Yes, I made him wear a pink tie to match my pink dress {even though my dress looks red in the me, it's dark pink!} :)

Would ya looky there!
That's me being announced homecoming queen!
It was such a fun night with my family and friends.


  1. awww, so cute!! :) i was on prom court in high school. it seems sooooo long ago!

  2. haha I know! 5 years ago for me and it feels like forever!

  3. awwwwww such a great night!!!! And my bestie T-TAT got crowned Queen!!! Miss you!!

  4. haha That was such a great night!!! I had so much fun getting ready with you!