Monday, March 21, 2011

Fro Yo

Ohmygoodness ya'll! <---- that was really southern...
If you know me at all, you know I get addicted to things fast!
Hand sanitizer, anything pink or cupcake, and now...frozen yogurt!
My mom and I used to go to TCBY {The Country's Best Yogurt} all the time until it closed down.
My little heart was so sad that I could no longer have a white chocolate mousse/chocolate cookie dough parfait.
But now Lynchburg, VA finally has a fro yo place called Sweet Frog and I'm in love!
I'm surprised they don't know me by name {like they do at the Mexican restaurant down the street...}
So, I decided to post a pic of my fro yo from tonight!

Umm I know you can't see the fro yo underneath all that yumminess.
It was chocolate/coconut swirled fro yo {SO GOOD} with butterfinger and nuts.
Also, a tiny bit of pineapple fro yo with gummy bears on it!
Next time I'll probably nix the butterfinger.
Or just get the pineapple with gummy bears.
It was soooooooooooo good!
Took me back to when I was in Hawaii eating pineapple ice cream at the Dole Factory.



  1. YUM! Love fro yo! And like you I was also a huge TCBY fan!

  2. Wasn't it just the BEST!? I miss it!