Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birthdays and Good News!

Today is my brothers 30th birthday.
He is 7 years older than I am so it's obvious that we haven't always been close.
When I was little I always looked up to him, and he was great with me, but we didn't hang out like bff's or anything.
After he graduated high school, he joined the air force for 3 years.
When he got back to Alaska I was in high school and we became closer.
He married an amazing woman and I got to be a bridesmaid.

He didn't wear this to the wedding of course...he just changed to get on the plane for the honeymoon.

We have become closer through the years.

This is us Christmas of '05.

Aaron and his wife, Kadra, in Vegas last May.

Both my brothers: Michael, me, and Aaron.

They're both super great!
And on to some other great news concerning my brother, Michael, and his wife, Sarah...

They're having their 2nd baby this October!!!! :)
I'm so excited to be an Auntie again!
Too bad I'll be across the continent from!
But I'm still so excited for them!

And last but not least, some awkward and awesome Thurday-ness...

- Growing up...I mean, I like that I'm on my own, but I don't always like making big decisions or putting my entire pay check to rent!
- When you're so excited for a show and turn it on only to find it's a rerun!  Lame.
- When Facebook chat turns into a conversation in your head by yourself...Should I talk to him?  Maybe I should.  But will it annoy him?  Well, he is on Facebook chat too.  Oh gosh Lindsey you're 23 years old, grow up!  But what if he doesn't want to talk to you.....oh he got offline... {if no one else admits to this then I'm denying that I ever said it}.
- Me getting up early.  I have to open up the shop tomorrow which means getting up early.  I roll out of bed 20 minutes before I have to leave and look like death until halfway through the day.

- The song "Fresh Pair of Eyes" by Brooke Waggoner.  It's amazing.
- I've been walking every night for the past 4 nights!  If I keep it up, I will be super hot by bathing suit season.
- Water for Elephants!  The book was UH-mazing and I just saw the trailer for it again and I can't wait to see it!  I LOVE Reese and unashamedly love Rob Pattinson too {TEAM EDWARD 1000000000000%} haha I'm a loser.

This is a super long post so I'll stop.
Hey guys, please follow or comment so I can check out your blog too!
I always love stalking blogs and I might never find you if you don't contact me first!


  1. Yaaay for brothers. I'm an only child =(

    And congrats on the walking. I recently embarked on my running routine and it's not easy! Here we come, summertime!!!

  2. oh ma gosh girl don't even get me STARTED on the "treats" i give myself after a good work out! Girl Scout Cookie season is THE WORST! Lol

  3. I love my big brother! I totally get the facebook chat thing haha. and Congrats on being an aunt, again!