Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I hope Thursday is going super stupendous for you all!
I certainly have had a great day.
Got some issues resolved and am excited for the future.
I'm a little bummed that I can't be in California right now though!
My cousin is getting married Saturday and my niece is going to be the flower girl!
It's going to be the cutest thing ever...BUT I will be at a friends wedding.
I am very excited for that!
I love weddings!
And I got a super cute dress to wear...

I'm thinking about wearing yellow flats with it for a pop of color.
I'm pretty stoked.

Ok, so here we go for A&A!

- Wearing the same outfit for like the 8th time in 2 weeks...I really like it ok!
- Waiting for an important email and I refresh my email every 5 minutes even though it will pop up on its own when new mails comes.
- Going to bed at 11 pm and still being tired when 7 am rolls around despite it being 9 whole hours of sleep!  I always knew I was more of a "9 hours" kind of gal!

- Watching multiple episodes of Modern Family with a friend who's never seen them.  I am OBSESSED with that show and I'm turning my friend Jason into an addict as well!
- Fall clothes are out!  I love Fall weather and fashion.  Boots, scarves, sweaters...Loves!
- This video of Anderson Cooper.  He is precious and I love his cute little giggles!

Well, friends, I'm tired and my brain is just a bit tired too, so I think I'll just sit in front of the tv for a while and read blogs.
Happy Thursday!


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  1. Haha! I too wear the same outfit very frequently :)