Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

I hope you all ate plenty of turkey this Thanksgiving!
I certainly did.
And pie.
And mashed potatoes.
And...well, lots of food!!
Wednesday night I drove down to my best friend's house.
Danielle's family was so super nice to have me stay with them for two nights.
I drove back to Lynchburg Friday and my friend Kathleen asked me over to her house for dinner.
Good thing her mom made plenty of vegetables to cleanse me from all that food from the previous night.
But in about 30 minutes I'm heading to Jacob's house to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family!
After this weekend, I'll probably not have to eat for a few days.
I'll try to take some pictures this weekend so my next post is more interesting...haha!
Have a fantastic weekend and sleep off all the delicious food you've been eating! :)


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