Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hi dolls {like how Kourtney Kardashian says it}.
I hope your week is going wonderfully!
It's almost Friday and I have some exciting weekend plans which will only make Friday fly by even faster!
Here is my A&A from this past week...

- Taking a nap after the gym because, let's be honest, naps rule!  Waking up on the couch after 1 hour only to move to my bed and "nap" for another 2.  Seriously, sometimes my naps are longer than some peoples actually full nights of sleep.
- My friend Megan asked me to tutor her in Statistics on Sunday.  I mean, I did get an A...the second time I took it.
- Crying in the movie theater.  I cry in every movie.  Like, every single movie.  I'm anticipating seeing The Vow on Sunday night and crying the whole way through!
- My thought in the evenings when I'm picking out my outfit: "This is with heels!"  My thought in the morning when I'm getting dressed: "There is no way I'm wearing those ankle breakers...give me flats and a gallon of coffee!"  I'm not the best with mornings.

- Going to the gym even when I'm soooooo tired.  Can you say dedication!?
- The opportunity for new things in my life.  I won't go into detail because if nothing comes of it I don't want to feel even more sad, but new things are always exciting!
- Danielle's blog!  She is such a pro already.
- This actually happened this week at work:
Customer {he's a regular older man that comes in often}: "I would like to order the Valentine's box for someone special"
Me: "That's so sweet!  Someone special huh?!"
Customer: "Yeah...ok I'll tell you.  It's my weed dealers girlfriend"
Me: "Oh...that's...great...?"
Hahahaha!!! I laughed so hard when he left.  Then proceeded to text everyone I know that I have knowledge of where they can score some pot.

I love that my life is so random and I never know what's happening next.
It sure does make for a more interested blog!
Happy {almost} weekend!



  1. HAHA your job is way...more exciting than mine... I am also feeling you when it comes to heels in the morning...or ever. :)

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