Saturday, February 11, 2012


That was my best impression of how to spell that song out.
Anywho, you know it's going to be a good Saturday when all you have planned is meeting a dear friend, whom you hardly ever see, for lunch and then Skyping with another dear friend, whom you hardly ever see.
I had a delicious lunch at Magnolia Foods and left with some goodies.

Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam, Opera Prima Pink Moscato Champagne {SO excited to try} and a cute Valentines chocolate cupcake.
I think I did pretty good for myself!
I did do a little laundry and cleaning today as well.
I took my vacuum apart and figured out why it hadn't been working.
I'll spare you the picture of what I pulled out of the vacuum, but let's just say I hadn't cleaned it out in years and apparently, even though I bought a new filter recently, a new belt is required once a year as well.
The things you learn the hard way.
But all was well again after Skyping with Matt Robbie.
I can never just say Matt because Matt Robbie sounds way cooler.
And he is way cool.
We {well technically me, but he agreed} decided to be each others' "backups" and get married at 35 if we're both still single.
We are going to live in a cute house with fish {because it's too sad to have pets and get attached and see them fish it is!}
He almost looks like Adam Levine too, so I would say it's pretty much a win-win situation!


Well, I'm going to stop talking about Matt Robbie now because it could be construed as really creepy.
Anyways, I hope your Saturday was as great as mine.
But you probably didn't buy pink champagne and find your future husband...


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