Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Part III and Other Happenings

Happy Monday, friends!
I hope your weekend was amazing.
Mine certainly was relaxing and fun.
Last Wednesday was the third and final Halloween party of the season.

I was Christmas spirit...
Kind of last minute and cheesy, right?
But it was super fun.

Here are all the girls.
A little foggy.
The bunny with the carrot kills me! haha

This weekend my friend came to visit and we went out for dinner/dessert, like most girls nights.

Oh man...delish!
We went to this amazing restaurant downtown called Jimmy's on the James.
It's a New Orleans inspired jazz place.
The food was great and this die for!
Two honey glazed donuts with ice cream, berries and chocolate sauce.

Moving right along...
Yesterday I put a zip up hoodie on and my hair stayed pulled back in it.
I always miss my long hair when I chop it off, but now that I've lost some weight, I feel like the bob looks kind of cute on me...

I'm all caught up on The Walking Dead now, so it's time to find another show to get obsessed with.
I just started White Collar and it's pretty good!
Matt Bomer is hotttt so that sure doesn't hurt.

Well, I'm off to stretch a little so I'm not super sore tomorrow after a killer spin class tonight!
Don't forget to VOTtomorrow, friends!!


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