Saturday, February 23, 2013


He's married.
I quit!
Just kidddddding...
In case you aren't aware of who I'm talking about, read my previous posts about my hottie patottie CrossFit trainer.
I mean, it's ok.
He's gorge, of course he's married!
He's still nice to look at in the morning.

Anywho, a lot of people have been asking me what CrossFit is.
I'm clearly not an expert since I've only been doing it one week; however, I have been going everyday, watching a lot of videos, and reading as much as I can.
In 1 week I have lost 6 pounds!
That is a combination of CrossFit, giving up meat for Lent {which I know is opposite of the Paleo diet that many CrossFitters follow}, and eating healthy I'm sure.

This video below is great!

I just encourage you to check it out.
Anyone getting sick of hearing about CrossFit yet?
Now you know how everyone else feels when you talk about your kids 24/7...
Haha I joke, I joke.
Sort of.

Speaking of giving up meat for Lent...
I'm not Catholic, but it's something my mom and I do every year.
Last year I gave up sweets.
This year, I gave up meat.
1 1/2 weeks down and so far, no problem.
I thought it might be more difficult because I love a good 5 Guys burger or Tokyo Teriyaki chicken plate, but I haven't been tempted at all.
I used to eat chicken almost everyday for lunch and/or dinner, which isn't necessarily bad, but I just wanted to see how my body would react with no meat.
I know my body needs protein so I've been filling up with beans, nuts, protein powder, and egg whites.
I even bought tofu, but haven't been bold enough to try it yet.
Here was my dinner last night...

I found this blog recently and this was the first recipe I've tried so far.
It was amaze!
I didn't have liquid smoke so I used chipotle chile powder which made is suuuuper spicy, but I loved it.
Next on my list: Try juicing again.
I didn't make it very far last time because it's so expensive and I didn't enjoy it.
I'm going to do more research and see what I can do to improve my juicing experience.
I may just have to choke it down and that's ok too!

Well friends, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your Saturday!
I'm going to try in between cleaning and doing hw...



  1. I gave up diet soda for Lent! Well, all soda, but I only drink diet anyways :)

  2. Ahh you didn't enjoy juicing? We did it for a while and loved it!