Saturday, May 25, 2013


Well,'s that time again.
Time when our lease is up and we decide if we're re-signing or moving on.
I've decided, after two years at my current place, it was time to try someplace new on my own.
Today I started moving my stuff into my first solo apartment.
I'm excited, nervous, happy, stressed, moody {sorry mom}, pretty much all over the map...
I've been watching Dawson's Creek to get me through this roller coaster.
Side note: I love love LOVE Pacey and Joey! <3
Let me tell you, when you have a lot of stuff, moving sucks!
I'm literally taking boxes full to consignment shops and Goodwill just so I won't have to carry them up three flights of stairs.
I only dropped the dresser on my foot once {I'll spare you the picture of the bruise}.
The whole time I was moving with my friend, Sarah, I was saying "I am woman, hear me roar!"
But while we carried my huge, heavy mattress up to my apartment {did I mention it was 3 flights of stairs?} and my new friendly neighbor held a door open for us, I was practically singing, "It's raining men, hallelujah!"
I'm only mildly sore from the move.
Thanks CrossFit!!

I'm finding the cutest things to furnish my place, but there's just one problem...I don't have enough money to keep up with my expensive taste!

I am SO in love with this foot stool from Target!!
It inspired me to decorate the living room in black, white, and pink.
It's way overpriced and incredibly impractical in case the couch doesn't end up matching...
But it's so dang pretty!!

This love seat from Pier 1.
Ughhhhhhhhh I died a million times over!!
I'm in love with the shape of it and the legs on it.
Love. Love. LOVE!
{I think I overuse that word...}

Did I mention my bathroom is tiny.
The only storage is the medicine cabinet.
This over the toilet cabinet {along with some shelving under the sink} is a must.
It's also from Target.

I will hopefully get a few of these pieces, or something similar, so my apartment is adorable!
I had a bit of a breakdown this past week when I walked into my place for the first time.
There were a few issues with the place and I was already stressed about moving and going through some personal issues.
I'll admit it, I sat on the floor of my soon-to-be bedroom and cried my eyes out for 15 seconds.
And then I got up, texted my friend, Alex, and realized as soon as I douse the place in bleach, set up some pictures, light a candle {trust me, this place is old and smells like it} and settle in, I will be ok.
I will be on my own, granted with no internet or cable, but that's what coffee shops are for, right?

Isn't that the best place to meet guys too?


  1. so excited for you!!! I love you!

  2. hahah! I think your new place is going to be just as fabulous as you are!!! I cant wait for a skype date where you can give me the walking tour!!