Sunday, May 5, 2013

Remember When...And a Very Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hola amigos!
I hope your Sunday is treating you well.
I plan on stuffing my face with Mexican and Margs later tonight.
So, I would say my Sunday will be grand.
Speaking of stuffing my face...
You may remember last year how I was always talking about my weight loss and workouts and healthy eating habits.
Well, lately this has not been so.
It's almost embarrassing that I lost 30 pounds in 9 months and then gained back almost every.single.pound.
Who does that?!
This girl, apparently.
In an attempt to get back my motivation, I am going to blog more about my goals, struggles, and {hopefully} weight loss, again!
Don't worry, I won't post every picture of every meal I eat.
I'm not turning my blog into a weight loss blog; however, this is a blog about my life.
And losing weight is a huge goal of mine.
I hope this can serve as a motivator for others who read my blog and also be a place where people can share with me their stories and struggles.
I plan on sharing my story soon.
It's very hard to open up about it on the internet where anyone can see it...
But maybe it will serve as some great motivation to stick to my goals!
I hope you're all excited to hear my story and share your stories and get our booties in shape for LIFE!
Love you all!


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  1. The blog community is all about support, so I always think it's a great place to blog about goals! I know I find it easier to keep myself accountable if I put it on the blog and/or keep a food journal, so this should really help! Plus you will be able to inspire others. You've got this girl!
    PS. You have word verification on. You should go into your settings and turn it off. More people will comment ;)