Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29

A picture of something that can always make me laugh -

I can tell you right now...this is going to be a long post with more than one picture!

Ok, so a while back I was looking at Christmas pictures from the past few years.
I noticed a trend with some of my family members when we open presents...

Some of us get a little too excited...
That's me in the top left box {who wouldn't be that excited for Step Up?!}
Next to me is my oldest brother, Michael.  Apparently he's really excited for his book.
Bottom left is Poppy.  I think he got a map of something exciting.
Then Aaron in the bottom right.  He was really excited for True Grit {the original}.

I compiled these pictures into a collage and it makes me laugh so hard!

This is Zoey's face during her first Christmas...

Hahaha!  She must not have liked the present her favorite Auntie Lindsey got her!

Here's a picture of Zoey from a few years ago that always cracks me up!

If you can't tell, our family loves Rock Band!

Mike and Aaron playing Rock Band...
Mike took Zoey's microphone stand so he could put the Rock Band microphone in it.
He thinks we'll do better if he sings and plays lead guitar...delusional much?

Here's Aaron and Mike again.
Pretty much everything they do makes me laugh.
They wore these beaver and fox hats out on New Years Eve once.

As you can see, my family is pretty great!

Who makes you laugh the most?
- Probably my brothers

What are your tuesday night plans?
- I'm really tired, but I think I'll go for a run and just chill at home.  Maybe finish cleaning my room that I started cleaning 2 weeks ago...

What's for dinner?
- Probably tomato basil soup I have from work.  It's divine!  Seriously if you're ever in Lynchburg, VA stop by City Place Food & Co.

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