Monday, March 28, 2011

This Just Happened

So, I was meeting my friend, Shawn, at the gym tonight.
Right before she got there she texted me...

Shawn: "I'm on my way.  I just had to finish my donut."

My response?

Lindsey: "Ok no problem.  I brought chocolate chips to eat while I run..."

Some people would be disgusted with us, but I think we're smart!  Eat the junk food before or during our run.  Then at least we burn it off...right?

I bet Marisa Miller eats candy when she runs too!
Marisa Miller in Shape Magazine February 2011

Marisa Miller Shape Magazine February 2011
She's pretty much my idol!
I took a picture of her to my hair dresser and got that color...obsessed much?
She's just so gorgeous and fit!
I love that she's not grossly skinny.
I bet if I was a Victoria's Secret model and got paid a kabajillion dollars I could look like that too...

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