Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

- When someone says something to me and they laugh, but I didn't hear them and laugh anyway...and then say, "Wait...what?" and they look at me like I'm an idiot.
- Oversharers.  Today this girl, that I don't know well, decided to tell me all sorts of private aspects of her life.  Private things.  Things that probably did not need to be shared with me...or anyone.
- I was holding a huge glass bowl of salad today at work and it just broke in half.  My boss said, "Wow must be really strong." {Good thing my boss loves me and we get along great.}
- Facebook Chat!  That thing messes up 76.3% of the time!  I can barely have a conversation on there without someone getting kicked offline or missing half the conversation.
- On The Bachelor when he is handing out roses and it takes him 10 minutes because he pauses so much.  Seriously?  It should probably only take about 2 minutes.
- When my roommate comes into my room to ask me a question and my iTunes is on random and Jonas Brothers come on...I swear I have like 1 Jonas Brothers song and iTunes chooses now to play it.

- Peanut Butter M&M's -- I could eat a whole bag right now!
- My sweet friend texting me at work just to ask how my day was.  He is such a muffin {term of endearment I that awkward?}!
- I've motivated myself enough to go to the gym.  This is HUGE for me! haha I stand up all day at work so all I want to do at night is sit!
- Vanilla frozen yogurt with brownies and strawberries in it.  I am obsessed.
- BondiBand {I've actually never tried it, but I'm going to because they look awesome.}  I have a hard time keeping headbands on my head especially while running.  So I'm excited to get one and try it out...otherwise I'll think I have a weird shaped head.


  1. I do that laughing thing all the time. Haha. And Peanut Butter M&Ms are one of my faves. Pretty much any candy that combines chocolate and peanuts/peanut butter. yum.

  2. Agreed!!! Reese's are another fave!

  3. Peanut butter m&ms!
    and weird... i use muffin as a term of endearment too... i don't know why i started it it but i sometimes feel awkward saying it..

  4. haha I love calling people Muffin! They get all confused. Glad I'm not alone! :)