Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

The person I do the most ridiculous things with:

High School Graduation - 2006

This is Brittany.  We are the most unlikely of friends after a rocky start in 4th grade {no my barbie is Miss Universe!!}.  We never really hung out  after the barbie incident.  As far as I know, she didn't really like me.  I think she told me that she thought I was a dumb blonde...and I thought she was an annoying emo girl.  Turns out, we were both a little bit right ;) {meaning: I am blonde and she liked indie/emo music}.  I wore lots of pink and she wore black and more black.  We ended up becoming best friends our senior year of high school.  We bonded over our love for dumb movies {Office Space, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Napoleon Dynamite, Final Destination, House of Wax...} and Ben & Jerry's!  "Marsha Marsha Marshmallow" for her and "Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies" for me.  Her dad was in the military so we went on base and drove around scoping out the hotties...when we were in high school!  How cool were we?!  Honestly, we just had fun.  She was my favorite part about senior year!  On graduation night, we sat in her car in our high school parking lot eating Ben & Jerry's {again with how cool we were!}.  We haven't seen each other for years now, but we still stay in contact.

The last time we saw each other.
She doesn't have blue hair anymore, but we still have our Alaska Grown sweatshirts!

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