Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's crazy how some nights I stay up until 2 am, no problem, but other nights {such as tonight} I can barely function past 10 pm.
I realize tonight might be a direct effect from last night, but still!
Tonight was so fun!
My roommate, Kate, and I had our friend Jacob over for dinner.

My apron does indeed say Domestic Diva...haha
Sorry for the crappy BlackBerry picture that makes my teeth look shiny...?
It was great to just have a fun, chill night at home.
{I have a problem with eating out a lot, so Kate and I decided to cook at home more often}
Then we sat in the living room and talked for hours about life.
All in all, a good night.

Now for a little awkward/awesomeness!

- The corner of my room has a pile of trash that has been there for weeks.  Gross, I know.
- I put up some picture frames on the wall so it wouldn't be so bare, but I haven't put any pictures in them yet...
- My whole left leg {from hip, to knee, to ankle} hurts really bad!  I didn't do anything for this to happen...I must be getting old!

- Not only am I going home in THREE DAYS!!!!!  My brother and his wife officially are coming to visit me here at the end of July!  We're probably going to a water park, a Kenny Chesney concert!!!, and some historical stuff.  I can't wait!
- My new background on my Mac...

...I LOVE Audrey and the makeup is amazing!
- When a co-worker turns into a friend.  When my dear Marlee goes back to school, I will be heartbroken!!

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  1. Love your apron! ;) And great picture to have on your mac. Audrey is gorgeous. Love that lipstick color. I NEED that color!