Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clean Eating

I was reading this gal's blog and she was talking about clean eating.
Have any of you tried it out?
I think basically it's no processed foods and only drinking water, green tea, and black coffee.
I've never been really good at sticking to diets, but I need to be more healthy.
It's only 4pm and I've already had 2 cokes today!
To aid in my attempt to drink more coffee, I've decided I really, REALLY need a Keurig coffee maker! {Mother, that's a present hint!}

Church was awesome today.
I'm in love with this song.

I wish I could have been at home with my dad today though.

Wasn't I a cutie?! haha
I believe I was 4 years old in this picture.
I hope you all have a great Father's Day and hopefully get to spend time or talk to your daddy's! :)



  1. I have so many books on clean eating and clean eating recipes and I love them! Well, I love looking at them anyways. I haven't really implemented the ideas and recipes presented in the books, ugh. Love you!


  2. I really need to start eating better, so I figured clean eating would be the best way to start! Love you too!!

  3. While I respect the whole clean eating thing...I could never do it. Granted, I don't eat fast food and I rarely truly fry stuff at home, but I just don't see the necessity of restricting my diet any more than that...

  4. I try my best to eat healthy but sometimes when you are rushing around I dont always have time to put so much thought into meals. Enjoying your blog, am following, hope you will too, Pearl x

  5. I haven't been too strict with it anyway :) haha I am trying to eat more healthy, but can't always pass up on dessert!