Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night Party...

Here's what my "party" tonight consists of.

Cupcake Vineyards Moscato D'Asti
It's my first time trying it and it's delish!

I havent seen it far it's kinda lame, but I think it'll get better once Ashton and Natalie get all romantical.

Sometimes I really want time to myself, but other times {such as tonight} I just want someone to hang out with!
Too bad most of my friends are working or out of town this weekend.
So my wonderful Friday night will continue with the wine, movie, and reading all your fabulous blogs!




  1. I really like No Strings Attached. Their date that he plans is super adorable and I pretty much love the end when they're eating breakfast. I want to go see Friends with Benefits in the theatre this weekend and compare the two since they're basically the same exact plot.

  2. Yeah that date was cute! And I love Mila Kunis, so I want to see that one too!

  3. I love Cupcake WIne. My favorite is Riesling. It's kind of like Moscato, just not as sweet. Mmm...I may have to go get me some. :)