Friday, July 15, 2011

Future Fun

So, even though I just got back from my vacation, it's almost like I have another vacation coming up!
Like I've said before, my brother and his wife are coming to visit me!!!
Aaron has written out their itinerary {by the hour...} and I'm so excited!
We'll be exploring Historical Williamsburg, Water Country USA, going to many wonderful restaurants, and seeing KENNY CHESNEY in concert at VA Beach!!
Before all this amazingness can happen though, I have an UH-mazing adventure for next Saturday...
The Backstreet Boys concert!!
I just am so so SO excited!
I wanted to buy a t-shirt from their first tour, but couldn't find one!
Plus, concert t-shirts are always ridiculously expensive and kind of nerdy...

But still kind of fun...haha!
The other option is dressing up all 80's! <--- I think I like that one better.
What do you think?
Anywho, I need to go watch The Office now.



  1. I think you'll look cute either way! I hope you have a BLAST at the concert. They're supposed to be fantastic live. Have you seen them before?

  2. I haven't seen them before...I'm so excited! :)