Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back to Reality

I arrived back to Lynchburg last night around 10 pm.
It was back to work this morning.
As much as I like my job, I really enjoyed having time off and seeing my family.
It was such a short visit and I won't be back until December *tear*.
But I had so much fun!

Potter's Marsh, where we saw...

Baby terns!
They were so cute!

Jacob and I at Portage Glacier.

Haha!  This is really funny because Jacob hates cats.
My kitty, Tarheel, decided that Jacob was her new best friend.

Caught a few silvers!

I was born and raised in Alaska, but while I was home I just felt like a tourist the whole time.
We did so much fun stuff!
I can't wait to go back {even if I really do have to wait until December!}

What have you been up to this past week?  I've missed everyone so I'm about to go stalk all your blogs now!


  1. That glacier is beautiful!! Way to go on catching the salmon too! Looks like a great weekend. Coming back to reality is definitely a little tough…


  2. Wow! That's cool that you're from Alaska! I've never been there but my best friend's brother is a schoolteacher in a village in rural Alaska and loves it. Great pictures - you should be very proud of the fish. I wish I had a picture like that.

  3. Whatever! Sweetheel is so my best friend! I'm glad you had a good time and I am super jealous. I miss it! Maybe next time I will join you and we can relive our days of being hardcore in the 'hood!

  4. I find that cats ALWAYS gravitate toward people who don't like them. We have four and whenever we have people over they end up rubbing against/jumping into the laps of people who are NOT cat people. I don't get it.

    Glad you had fun back home in Alaska! I'd love to see more pictures...it was so beautiful when I went there, I would love to go back :)