Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I realize it's been FOREVER since I have done an A&A post...
I have a hard time sitting down on Thursday nights trying to remember the awkwardness and awesomeness that happened the past week.
Maybe I should start writing stuff down during the week...

- I got SUPER burned at the beach last week which wasn't fun, but now I'm peeling everywhere!  I look diseased!
- I've been super down lately {which isn't like me at all}.  I've tried to not write about it as much on here because I feel like people want to read happy blogs and I definitely don't want to put anyone is a bad mood with my crummyness!

- I feel like I'm turning into a southern gal.  Which is kind of awkward too because I'm from Alaska!  But I just love the south!  I love fireflies and crickets and the fall!  My most recent obsession is getting a pair of cowgirl boots!  Maybe something like this...

I love the slouch look!

- I stopped drinking soda two weeks ago and have lost 4 pounds since!  I have tried eating a bit healthier and working out more, but I think mostly the soda has helped.
- Tonight, some friends and I ate brownies right out of the pan!  This totally didn't help me out with losing any more weight...
- This dance...

Just makes me wish I could dance!

Alrighty, it is time for bed!
I'll catch up on all of your awesome blogs tomorrow!



  1. I love the a&a post! And those boots are too cute!

  2. Wow, 4 pounds just by eliminating soda! That's pretty awesome!

    And P.S. I'm a big "So you think you can dance" fan, as well. Kent from last season is from Wapakoneta, which is where I currently live. He's a celebrity around here (but sadly, I have yet to meet him!). ;)

  3. That's so fun! Every time I watch it I wish that I could dance like that!