Friday, August 5, 2011


Well, I am back from my whirlwind trip to VA Beach.
We had so much fun and a few mishaps along the way.
We couldn't find a place to stay until about midnight and then prayed that we wouldn't get killed there!
It was creepy.
The beach was super fun.
I look like a lobster now, but I'm sure it'll turn into a nice tan.
Kenny Chesney was amazing!!
I love that man and he puts on a great show.

Ana, me, Lauren

We checked out of our hotel at 10 so we had to get ready after the beach in a public restroom.
I wouldn't recommend it, but it sure was adventurous!

Not even half of the lawn we sat on.

It was SO packed!!
We had an incredible time.

I got back home early this morning and received some great news!
I have a job interview on Monday that will pay for me to get my masters.
Let's all pray that I get it!!
But for now, I'm off to work.
Have a great weekend!


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