Monday, August 1, 2011

Road Trip!!

Like I mentioned before, I have two extra tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert and was worried that no one would be able to go with me.
Well...I found two girls to come with!
I'm so excited for a girls trip to the beach!
We're even going to try paddle boarding!
I've wanted to try it ever since I read an article about Marisa Miller keeping in shape with paddle boarding.

I would paddle board every single day if I could get that body! haha
I've heard it's a pretty intense workout, which is why we're planning on laying out the rest of the day before the concert!
Oh dear, I just LOVE Kenny!!

My friend, Kate, thinks he looks like a turtle...well, if that's the case then I'll call him a sexy turtle!
I'm just super excited for a trip with the girls after a tough week!
On that note, I've been thinking a lot about maybe making some changes this upcoming year.
After a particularly upsetting night {involving a boy, of course!}, I was pondering the possibilities of moving far, far away.
On one hand, it's tough to think about leaving Lynchburg.
I've been here for five years and have made the most amazing friends.
But I also realize that things change and my friends won't always be here.
Friends have left in the past and I make new friends, so why shouldn't I be the one to leave this time.
My best friend from high school, Alex, is starting law school this fall in Lubbock, TX.
In high school we always talked about going to college together and living together.
So, I was talking to her the other night and made a joke about moving to TX next summer.
Her response?
And I couldn't really think of any reasons why not.
{I do understand Lubbock isn't the most exciting place on earth though...}
I guess I've just reached the point where nothing is really keeping me in VA.
I don't have a career or a boyfriend.
And yes, my friends are amazing, but we can keep in touch and I can make new TX friends!
This all started out as a joke, but it's turning into a hopeful reality.
The only speed bump in this otherwise flawless plan, is how am I going to finish my masters.
Most of the classes are online, but it's required to do four on campus.
I have a year to figure this all out, but I feel better venting about it all.
{even if no one reads this...haha}
I think TX would be quite the adventure and even more amazing with my bestie!
Well, I better go get some rest before work in the AM!



  1. I used to think Kenny was super hot...nowadays, he's still okay with the hat on, but when he takes it off? Noooo thanks. Same with Tim McGraw, but Kenny also has that slightly-to-short thing working against him...I'm 5'8" so it's really hard for me to hold on to an attraction to guys who are shorter than 6'!

    You're young and if you can up and move like that I say do it! I've done it a few times in my life and sometimes it's turned out "eh", sometimes it's turned out great, but you never know where your true home will be unless you go looking for it :) For instance I *never* would have thought that upstate South Carolina would be the place where I would settle, but here I am!

  2. Lol. I agree with Kate. Kenny Chesney looks a little like a turtle. A really suntanned turtle.

    I'm all for the adventure of moving!! I'll be excited to hear how it all works out. :)

  3. Have fun at the concert and on the road trip! Kenny Chesney always puts on great concerts :)

  4. yeah!!!! come to Texas!!! its about time we live together! You'd only be the best roommate EVER!!!