Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Well, Thursday was an amazing day!
Mostly only because of one thing...

Grey's Anatomy!! {Mostly just McSteamy!}

He is one attractive man!!

The premier was FULL of drama, drama, drama!
And I loved it.
Now, on to some A&A Goodness!

- I just read for the past 30 minutes...someone needs a life.
- Being sick!  Every time I try to laugh it turns into a cough and I sound like I'm dying.  Gross!
- I have long hair and I just wear it the same everyday.  Down and with a slight curl...I need inspiration!!

- I am in love with this song...
- Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy are back...and New Girl was pretty funny last week!
- Music nights with a friend.  I play a song, he plays a song, I play a song...We realized we have incredibly similar taste in music.
- 4 day weekend!
- My roommate and I made chocolate chip cookies for the 2nd time this week...umm this isn't helping with my eating healthy that I'm trying to implement!
- I found out tonight my new friend, Heather, loves Mexican food as much as I do!  We've already planned a Mexican night this weekend!

It's almost Friday!!!


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