Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a Girl! And Awkward and Awesome Thursday

My brother and his wife have been torturing me for months!
They got pregnant but decided to not find out the gender of the baby {the nerve!}
But, Tuesday, Sarah finally had the baby and she had a beautiful baby girl!

Leah Marie

I so wish I could be there to hold her, but I'm not going home again until Christmas!
But I did find a super cute onesie to send.


I Saw it and knew right away I needed to send this to her!
I bought it in the 3 month size so she can wear it when I'm home for Christmas.
Is it sad that it also crossed my mind to buy it in every size they had so she could always make this statement!?
Maybe my niece can find me a man! ;)
Speaking of, my friend sent me this today and it made me laugh so hard...

Found here

It's funny because it's true.
Not necessarily that I'm prettier than everyone, but basically everyone I know is getting married before I am.
This isn't really a horrible thing though.
Many of my high school classmates are getting divorces before I'm even getting involved in serious relationships...I'm pretty thankful for my singleness sometimes.
Other times, I want to drown in a bottle a glass of wine.
I've just been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately, wondering how a 12 year old can know more about love than I do!?
Well, let's jump from that topic to a totally different one...

Awkward and Awesome!

- When a guy calls you to tell you that he's moving and wants to take you out when he comes back into town, but you're totally not interested, totally never were friends, and totally have no idea where he got your number {creepy!}  So, obviously you don't call him back and then obviously he comes back into town every weekend and you see him a few times and he stops to talk to your friends so you awkwardly keep walking...quickly...away!  Awkward.

- When you are feeling bold so you text your guy friend/crush/you'retotallyoverhimbutnotreally {did ya get that?!} everything you've ever felt for him in 1 text and end it with, "it's not your fault you're so precious...but I'm over it.  Ok!? :)" Why do I do these things to myself?  But he's still my friend and still invited me to a hockey game the next night.  Stand up guy!
- When someone sings the national anthem and changes the key like 3 times in a very obvious way.  It's painful for me to listen!  Please, just stop mid-song and walk away.  You'd really be doing us all a favor. Double awkward points if they ask how they were and if you have to lie and tell them they were great...

- I have been thinking about all of the exciting things I can do with my future and I have a few options I'm considering.  Since moving to Hawaii and being a beach bum doesn't pay much, I've decided to not go that route.
- After I read The Hunger Games Trilogy, I was afraid I'd be so bored, but my friend gave me a new trilogy to read!  The books are called Black, Red, and White by Ted Dekker...I'll review them for ya after I read them!
- I've been working out a lot lately...some pictures that have been motivating...

Marisa Miller as always!

I want to hate her, but she seems so nice.
So I love her instead.
But, I don't know if walking for an hour can make up for the cupcake and 2 cookies I ate today.
There's always tomorrow!
I hope you have a great weekend!


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