Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Alrighty friends, it's almost the weekend!
Well, I work Saturday so not quite for me...but for you!
It's been a pretty good week, but I have some fun A&A to share with ya this week.

- Running out of clothes to wear to work so I just wear the same thing...3 days in a row.  But I wear an apron so it's hardly noticeable...right? ;)
- Boys.  Enough said.
- This phase of life where I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing.  Am I staying here or moving home.  Keeping this job I really like or getting a full time job with benefits that I might not like as much.  But learning to be patient and trusting in the process.
- My refrigerator.  It makes so many noises I seriously think people are tapping on the window.  Scares me every time!
- Having back problems at the age of 23!  It's so sad...I feel like an out of shape 80 year old!  Wake up call?  Haha...probably!

- I decided to eat at home while my roommates and a few friends ate out for the second night in a row!  Who's gonna save major bucks and calories!?  ME!  This is especially awesome because I used to never pass up an opportunity to eat out with the buds.
- On the same jeans are fitting a little looser!
- My parents {my whole family really}.
- This conversation I had with my dad...
     Me: "Dad, I think I'm going to get a purple strip in my hair."
     Dad: "Excellent.  Me too."
Hahaha he makes me laugh.  I used to have a pink strip in my hair and it was so fun!

You can kind of see the was underneath so it was only super noticeable when I pulled half of my hair up.  Anyways, I'm super excited about the purple stripe.  And I'm getting bangs again!  Most exciting thing happening in my life right now! haha
- Skyping with my mom and niece...they said they were losers at mario kart on Wee.

- Almond Joy coffee creamer!  I never use creamer, but my co-worker brought it in and I'm obsessed.
- My fantasy football team.  I'm 2-1!  That's pretty good for me.  Actually, that's excellent for me.  Haha!
- Taylor Swift's latest album.  Can she be any cuter?  I don't think so!

Ok time to eat and wait for Grey's Anatomy to come on!!