Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Today is my beautiful friend, Danielle's, birthday!
I won't say how old she turned because a lady never reveals her age...or her friends' age.
She is one of my best friends and so gorgeous, inside and out!

 This is a picture from 2 summers ago.


The three best friends that ever was!
I am thankful for them everyday.
Danielle is the strongest, most honest person and I LOVE HER!

Ok, switching gears from my lovely friend, to A&A!
I know I always say, "It's been a while since my last A&A post..."
Well, the same goes for this time too! :)

- Change.  I'm not opposed to change, but it takes some adjusting.  I feel like my life is going to take some major adjusting pretty soon.
- The amount of time it takes me to catch up on 2 seasons of a show.  I just started watching The Vampire Diaries maaaaybe 1 month ago...I'm already caught up to the current season {which is season 3...episode 9...} Oh yeah, I've been caught up for a while.

- This video.

I literally cannot stop laughing every time I watch this.
I show it to every person who walks through my door.

- I've been getting some emails to do button swaps on the blog!  How fun!  I'm totally open to the idea, so feel free to email me! :)
- Not having to work tomorrow!  I'm excited to sleep in!
- Clint Eastwood.  He is one hot old man!  If anyone knows of a guy who looks like this

Or this...

Let me know!

Well, I'm off to go watch The Vampire Diaries newest episode...
Have a lovely 11/11/11!


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