Monday, November 7, 2011

Me, Me, ME!

I was blog searching today and found this cute questionnaire on Beach Bum & Baby's blog.
Let me know if you fill it out too so I can read yours! :)

Guilty Pleasure? I love a good cupcake.  Moist cake, fluffy frosting that isn't too buttery or sugary...
I can't travel without? My iPod.
Recent Splurge? Oh dear, nothing much! haha

My go-to flower? Peonies...I also love sunflowers.
In bulk, I buy? I don't usually buy anything in bulk.
I sleep on? A twin bed.
Comfort Food? Pizza, rolls, anything with bread!
For Breakfast? I love eggs and toast, but I hardly have time.  So, it's usually a breakfast bar.  
For Dinner? Mexican is my favorite!
Love/hate relationship with? Men.
Can't Stop Watching? Recently...Sister Wives!  I know, kinda strange, but I'm hooked on the weirdness!
Best online shopping find? I try to not shop online much.  I like to be able to try on clothes to see how they look and make sure they fit perfectly.
Dreaming about? Going home.
Crushing on? Ryan Gosling!
Every girl should have? A great pair of heels.
My style in five words? Classic, comfy, easy, glam, fun.
I love wearing? Perfect fitting jeans.
Dream Job? Event planning/wedding coordinator.

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