Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mac Is Back!

Is it sad that I was most excited to get my Macbook Pro back just so I could 1) Blog 2) Read your blogs 3) Listen to my iTunes music 4) Finish season 1 of Felicity!
So, instead of packing for my trip to Alaska {that I leave tomorrow for...} I'm going to write this post and read some too!
Oh, what's that?
Yes, I'm going home tomorrow!
I get to meet my little baby niece tomorrow and see my little toddler niece too!

Aren't they just the most preciousness babes you ever did see?!
I haven't been home since my trip to Alaska with Jacob back in July.
It feels like forever and at the same time feels like I was just there.

On another note, I promised you pictures from the Christmas party...
Well, it's your lucky day!

 Why yes, that is mistletoe on our heads and a battery pack with a string of lights!

 Laughing because it's what we do!

We are pretty awesome, I know!
I also got my hair done and had a birthday since we last spoke!
Yep, I am now 24 years old!
I don't really feel older and I certainly don't look any older, but I feel good.
I've been hitting up the gym quite often.
My last spin class was an endurance/speed race class and it felt amazing.
I hated spin at first, but it's quickly become my favorite class.
Do you spin?
If not, you should!
So, this is what my birthday looked like...

A few of us went to dinner and then we came back and my roommates surprised me with cake and my favorite wine and presents!
So presh!
Here's what I felt like doing...

Haha not really, but still fun!
Anyway, I should probably get back to packing and do some last minute things.
Happy week before Christmas, all!



  1. oh, felicity is awesome hahahah
    i have just finished season 4 the other day and i was so surprised cause i hadn't watched the last episodes back then - i thought i had seen them all (and i had missed the last ones!)

    nice blog!
    hope you find the time to come visit me too sometime! (now you have you mac back) :P

    it must be (so)... liberating

  2. So glad you had a happy birthday Beautiful! Wheneever we finally get to see each other, it's going to be nonstop celebtrating...we have a lot of birthdays and graduations and BrittanyandLindsey days to make up for! What's your fave wine? Love youuuu

  3. I HAVE THAT HEADBAND!! It's so awesome.

  4. Britt- Moscato!
    Christina- I saw that you had it and I LOVE it! haha So great!