Friday, December 30, 2011


I never heard of Pinkalicious until my a few weeks ago when my mom told me about it.
She had bought tickets for her, my niece, and me to go see the musical while I was home.
She told me it was about a little girl who loves pink.
She loves pink so much she eats too many cupcakes and turns pink.
Then apparently she has to eat healthy green foods to turn back to her normal color.

Being the pink and cupcake lover that I am I was excited.
I woke up this morning to find that my mom was really sick.
With a migraine and stomach issues, she couldn't go.
So, being the awesome Aunt that I am, I took Zoey to see Pinkalicious anyway.
The show was SO cute!
I didn't realize it was a musical until it started.
I love musicals so this was alright with me.
I bought Zoey a cupcake and a wand so she could be just like Pinkalicious.
She even got to meet the cast afterwards and get a picture with Pinkalicious herself!

Umm could she be any cuter?
I don't think so!
I can't wait until my other niece, Leah, is old enough to do fun stuff with me while I'm home!

She is too cute for words!

Other than Pinkalicious, I have mostly been hanging out with my family.
I have seen some of the few friends I stay in touch with from home.
And the other day I had an amazing lunch downtown.

Alaska Salmon Tacos!

They even brought out my iced tea in an interesting little cup to pour into my glass...

It was just great!
Speaking of great, I just got back from seeing Moneyball.
I loved it!
I really like baseball so that helped, but even if you aren't a huge fan, I thought the movie was funny and smart.
And if you need one more reason...Brad Pitt was pretty hot in it!
Well, this post is mostly just a bunch of randomness and I'm tired.
So, have a great weekend and I'm sure I'll be talking to you before the New Year!



  1. Saks! I guess I should have mentioned that! Haha

  2. HA! I read that book all of the time to the kids I babysit. Didn't know it was a musical. Cute! :)