Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nothing Says Friendship Like a Quilt

Sunday Funday, friends!
Today I made some delicious buffalo salmon.

Yum so good!

My best friend from high school, Alex, is so crafty.
Y'all should check out her blog.
It's so cute...just like her!
She's currently in her first year of law school so she doesn't update her blog as much as I'd like her to!
Haha I mean as much as she would like to...she's just a very fun, sweet person and her blog posts are always adorable.
Well, about a year ago she started making me a quilt.
She knows how much I love cupcakes and anthropologie {as does she} so she kind of created her own theme to incorporate both of those loves.
I almost forgot about the quilt until a few weeks ago she said she was almost finished.
No one has ever made me a quilt and especially put so much thought into it.
Also, shout out to Mrs. D {Alex's mom} for helping too!!  My "other mother"!

I love the cupcakes!

This is the other side and the side I have facing up on my bed.
love all the colors and the birds!
It's given me a new idea for my room makeover.
Obviously, that being, more color!

I just love it so much and am too paranoid to eat in bed now, for fear of ruining it!
I'll keep it forever and think of my T-TAT {our nickname for each other} whenever I look at it.
Despite Alex living in Texas and me living in Virginia, we talk everyday.
We haven't seen each other in over 2 years, but we know exactly what is going on in each others lives pretty much 100% of the time.

People used to tell us we looked like twins.
Maybe that's why we're kindred spirits...we're long lost sisters separated at birth!

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  1. awww T-TAT! I'm so glad you loved it!!! I loved it too- almost didnt want to send it to you! Miss you! (p.s. I hate that picture of me! haha)