Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh Man...

I was excited to write a random post about everything that happened today and call it Monday's Musings.
Then I looked at the time and it's past midnight, so technically it's Tuesday now...sad.
Oh well.
The post wasn't going to be particularly exciting or anything, but there's a few things I wanted to get off my chest.
First of all, if you watch The Bachelor you probably would agree with me that it's pretty much a snoozer this season.
Am I right?
I mean, Ben was cute and all last season, but this season he's so boring.
He isn't charming, he is kind of a man whore, and worst of all, he's rude.
But I continue to watch it because:

A. I like making fun of the girls, wondering why in the world they would put their love lives on national television.  Chances are, you will get dumped {on national television} and chances are, you won't look cute crying {on national television}.
B. I watch it at Danielle's house and our friend, Erin, always brings snacks.
C. Who doesn't love a little drama when it isn't revolving around your own life?

But even though I find it a tad bit pathetic, I'm obsessed.
Don't even get me started on how excited I am that Emily is the next Bachelorette!
This season I really like Lindzi.

She's so cute and seems really down to earth and fun.
I'm sure you can guess who my least favorite is...

The Devil Incarnate: Courtney.
I hope Ben watches the episodes now and wishes he listened to Emily {Bless her heart for being so stupid as to repeatedly tell Ben that Courtney is fake.  Honey, haven't you learned anything from watching the past 58 seasons?}
But really, Courtney is psycho.

Other that reality tv, I don't really anything else to talk about.
Well, I'm talking to a friend right now about how pale we are and it's a problem.
But, that's another topic for another time.
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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  1. oh my gosh I hate when that happens! when I first started my Monday Confessions blog hop I missed posting it just about every other week because by the time I remembered it would be Tuesday. lol