Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let It Snow

It finally happened.
Virginia's winter was extremely mild and I loved it.
While I got my fair share of snow while I was home in Alaska for Christmas, most of my friends in VA were hoping for some snow.
Well, today was that day!

I love snow, but there something about snow in the South that kills me.
People don't know how to drive.
One snowflake falls and cars start driving into the ditch.
So, after church, lunch, a quick run to Victoria's Secret, and an even quicker run at the gym, I decided to get snowed in at home.
I have the house to myself this weekend, so I'm going to sit on the couch and watch movies all night.
Currently, I am being entertained by this movie...

I love this movie and I always watch it when it's on tv.
"We do some manly bonding!"
On a side note, this infomercial just came on and I about died...


But actually, my feet are chilly right now and these booties sounded nice!
When he said, "the bootie bag..." I literally laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch.
I am notorious for thinking commercials are way funnier than they actually are.
I also am not embarrassed to say that I have fallen off the couch on more than one occasion from a hilarious commercial.
Well, I hope your Sunday is going just wonderfully!
I am going to go make some soup and hot chocolate now.
And to put on my slippers.
Maybe I'll put them in the microwave first...


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  1. haha, I'm originally from CT and I remember when I was in school in VA (and when I lived in the 'burg for some time after college) how crazy I thought all those locals were, not being able to drive in the snow and all. Now that I live in SC though, it's even worse! They can't even drive in the RAIN down here.