Saturday, February 25, 2012

Title Schmitle

Some people are really cool and do really awesome activities on Saturday.
I was not one of those people today.
Today I worked.
Than I came home and watched 5 episodes of Parenthood.
Would you call me pathetic if I told you I started watching Parenthood on Monday and I am now on episode 8...of season 2.

I am in love with this show.
It is almost like the show Brothers&Sisters {because it is about brothers and sisters...}, but this show, from the very first episode, made me cry and laugh so hard!
Well, the laughing was hard.
The crying was a few streaming tears and extremely graceful.
I think I love this show so much because I am so close with my family.
Watching this show makes me miss them even more than I already do.
My family all live in Alaska still.
Sometimes I imagine being back there and having a family and my brothers having families.
Our kids would all grow up with their cousins and have Grandpa and Grandma around to spoil them.
Other times I see myself living on the East coast forever {sorry Momma}.
Either way, we will always be close and be there for each other.
I also love Parenthood because Lauren Graham {AKA Lorelai Gilmore} is on the show and I missed her a lot.
I watch Gilmore Girls every time it's on tv.
Well, clearly this post is going nowhere fast, but that was just a little look into my Saturday evening.
Hope your Saturday was exciting as mine!


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