Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

This picture has nothing to do with my Blogiversary, except I love it and the balloons feel like a celebration!

I can't believe 1 year has gone by since I created my blog.
So much has changed since then.
I've learned a lot about fashion, beauty, relationships, running and so much more.
I've become friends with random girls across the country.
I can't believe I actually figured out how to make a button for this page on my own.
That might be what I'm most impressed with!
I went from one faithful follower {thanks Mom!} to almost 50.
I can't believe almost 50 people actually care what I have to write about.
Like my hairdresser said before she knew I had a blog, "Like, who thinks their life is so awesome that people would actually want to read about it, ya know?!"
She kills me.
I have loved so much the encouragement from you all.
Especially on days when I'm not in the greatest mood, it's nice to come home and read blogs and read comments on my blog.
I feel like we're our own little huge awesome community.
I have gotten some great ideas from the blogging world.
Speaking of great ideas, I'm thinking that next month I will do my first giveaway!
I always said once I reach 50 followers I'll do a giveaway and I imagine that I'll get one more official follower in the next month.
Let's hope!
But, in other news, my wonderful mother is buying me a new duvet cover.

Found Here

Isn't it pretty?!
It kind of looks grey, but it's really a light beige color.
The great thing about it is that my room is already this color blue {curtains, a few pictures and my accent pillows} so it will look pretty similar to this picture when I finally get it.
I'm super stoked!
Next step, hopefully getting a bigger bed.
And on that note, I am going to bed because this pounding caffeine headache is killing me.
Thanks for making this past year amazing!



  1. My one-year anniversary for this blog was a few months ago and I totally didn't even remember/realize it until days later. Maybe longer. Oops! haha

    Anyway congrats on your one year blogiversary :)

  2. i love that duvet cover!! yay for gifts from parents :) i finally bought a bigger bed at the beginning of the year and although it cost a pretty penny, im so glad that i did!