Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Alrighty people, it is once again time for Awkward&Awesome!
What what!
I'm super duper excited that it's Thursday because that means it's almost Friday!
Well, that and it's Grey's Anatomy night!
I've used entirely too many exclamation marks in this post already, so I'm just going to get started!

- I think I'm funny.  Like, really funny.  I always know at least one person will be laughing at my jokes...myself.
- When a cute guy walks into the shop, I literally lose all verbal skill I've ever been taught.  I can't remember how to take an order and I most certainly cannot make eye contact.  Umm, why am I still single?!
- I can never make up what to do with my hair.  One day I want it long the next day short.  Light or dark?  Don't even get me started on the whole bangs issue!  It's not a long-term commitment, but I act like it's a life or death!
- I wish Tums made a bottle of only red Tums.  I search through the bottle to eat the red ones and then I'm stuck with the yucky green, yellow, and orange ones!

- This weekend I put on a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear since high school.  Talk about a great feeling!
- I got a new Nalgene.  My old one was stolen at the Y and I was so upset.  I loved that water bottle, but this new one is just as great and I love the design even more than my old one!

Adorbs am I right?!

I wish I had more awesome things going on in my life at the moment, but this will have to do for now!
Have a great Thursday, friends!


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