Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward&Awesome Thursday!

Hello friends!
I'm happy to see another work week down so I can enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead.
My plans for the glorious weekend include: sleeping, eating, watching lots of tv, and sleeping some more.
So, without further adieu, here is this weeks A&A!

- Pretending like the time change was the reason I slept until noon on Sunday and not the fact that I stayed up until 3 am watching Felicity on Netflix.  Oops!
- I've resolved to drink 96 oz of water every day.  And running to the bathroom every 96 minutes.
- Deciding that instead of going to the gym that day I should do a workout in my room.  After 3 minutes I then decide that said workout is lame and I sit on my bed and watch more Felicity on Netflix.  She is ruining my life, but...I only have 5 episodes left until I'm finished with the series.
- After writing this whole post I've realized something.  I watch waaaay too much tv!

- This week's Modern Family episode!  When Claire said, "Totes Adorbs" I almost died!!!
- My spin teacher, Heath, refers to me and Danielle as his "Class Clowns".  We are always laughing and giving each other high fives during spin.  I know, we're crazy.  We do take it seriously, I promise!
- Making German Chocolate Cake with Shalie.

Isn't she the cutest?!

- I only have to wait 1 more week until The Hunger Games!

Well, I'm going to go get a midnight snack and then probably stay up till 2 watching more Felicity...pathetic.


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