Monday, March 26, 2012

Die From Laughter

One of my favorite tumblr's is
It puts together a video clip and a caption.
Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.
Kind of like the following...

When I'm sitting at home bored, and my friend calls me to hang out.

When you realize your friends are taking a group photo without you.

When I give someone my phone to show them one picture, but then they start scrolling through them.

When I see the waiter walking with a tray of food and it turns out to be mine.

When I wake up from a nap.

When I hear my favorite tv show come on in the next room.

When someone asks me if I drink.

Ok, I posted entirely too many, but try to tell me you didn't DIE from laughter?!
That's can't!
I hope you enjoyed this little segment that I will from now on refer to as, "Die From Laughter."

XOXO Loves!


  1. I did die from laughter. LOL, especially the one about the waiter with my food! OMG, soooo true! Thanks for sharing!


  2. hahahaha! I love the "when a friend calls to hang out" and "when I hear my favorite tv show on in the next room" HYSTERICAL!!

  3. HAHAHAHA, loved this!

  4. HAH! my cube mate showed this to me the other day at work and i spent waaay to much time on that site!