Friday, March 23, 2012


I was so busy having fun yesterday that I forgot to post A&A Thursday!
But I have a really great excuse!
Fist of all, I got to work with my lovely co-worker/friend, Megan.
She's a true gem.

Then some girls celebrated Shalie's birthday.

Love that face of hers!

And then, don't forget, The Hunger Games midnight premier!!

We were SO excited!

It was a good movie!
I loved the books more, obviously because the books could fit in more details that the movie left out.
I was bummed a few things from the books were left out or changed in the movie, but I am easily entertained and the movie kept us all awake till 2:45 am, so I call it a success!
One thing that confused me was I bought the soundtrack from the movie two days ago and I was so excited to actually know the music in the movie before I saw it...
But not one of the songs off the soundtrack were in the move?!
Haha I just didn't get it.
However, the soundtrack is great too.
I'm off to go enjoy this beautiful weather and weekend!


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