Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shopping Spree!

Ok, so I know I haven't started my new job yet, but I already have started spending my paychecks.
Sorry I'm not sorry.
Instead, I want to show my awesome purchases because I'm so excited!

From American Eagle

I liked this dress because the side has ties which cinch the waist.
It's super flattering.
You can hardly tell, but the print is purple and white flowers and it's really pretty.

From New York and Co.

I am SO excited about this dress!
I am in love with the colors.
Again, there is a tie in the front which is flattering on the waist.
Also, I love the sleeves and there are pockets too.
I've been known to love a good pocket.

One awesome thing about Lynchburg is that J. Crew's warehouses are located here.
We have 2 warehouse stores and huge sales all the time.
It's amazing.
As are these pants!

Alrighty, I'm off to bed so I can get a good nights sleep and shop more tomorrow!
Haha Just kiddin...maybe...


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