Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Wildness

Hello friends!
Sorry I've been absent for so long.
I like to think that when I haven't been here for a while you all really miss my blog posts.
And by "you all" I mean my mom and possibly a few friends who read this.
But really, the title of this post might be a little misleading.
My Wednesday was not wild.
It was normal.
Work, spin, dinner with friends.
The usge.
My weekend, on the other hand was pretty amazing!
Can't beat watching Titanic 3D, laying out at the park, watching Up and Diary of a Mad Black Woman with friends who have never seen it {GASP! Unacceptable!} and spending Easter with some great people!
Umm, it would appear that all I ever do is watch movies...that's only partially true.
I also like to work out and then eat a lot.
Well, I hope you all had an amazing Easter.
I certainly did.
I went to church, which was so good.
I recently switched churches from a contemporary one to a more conservative.
Neither is better than the other in my opinion, but I find that I am learning more and growing more at this Baptist church.
That was just a little sidebar.
Then I had an awesome dinner with friends.

There they all are!

There's some more exciting things going on in my life, but I can't post them just yet.
I know you're probably dying to know!
Sorry to disappoint.
 I'll keep you updated though.
Now, I'm off to read all of your great posts from the past few days!


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  1. ooo I'd love to know which church you're going to! when I lived in the 'burg I had *so* much trouble finding a church that was more conservative than contemporary :-/