Sunday, May 6, 2012

Music and Cupcakes

Sorry I've been gone for so long!
I've been busy with baby showers, bridal showers and, of course, my new job!
Which I really like, by the way.
I'm getting my cubicle all organized and I'll take a picture of it soon.
I also plan on taking pictures of my outfits, only because I enjoy dressing up for work so much.
I'm sure I'll get sick of it after a while, but for the past year and a half I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt covered by an apron everyday.
Anywho, this post isn't really about my new job {I'll post more on that soon}.
This post is about something much more exciting...cupcakes!
A few weeks ago I went to my friends concert at a local coffee shop.

They are amazingly talented.
The shop is under new ownership and they had these cupcakes that I just had to try!
Of course I couldn't just pick one.

Top left: Chocolate Buttercream
Back left: Peanut Butter
Front right: Salted Caramel Pretzel
Back right: Milton {The shop is famous for their milton milkshakes.  Kind of like a coffee milkshake}.

Seriously, these cupcakes were so good!
They were very moist and the frosting wasn't too sweet.
I loved the chocolate buttercream because I prefer buttercream over icing.
But the salted caramel pretzel was awesome too.
I will definitely be going back for more and asking them to bake different flavors.
Perhaps a red velvet...
On another note, did everyone have a fantastic Cinco de Mayo?!
I love it.
I actually didn't even get a margarita, which is super disappointing, but I did have a Jack&Coke for the first time which was delish!
Also, Coconut Rum and basically tastes like candy.
So good.
Well, my battery is about to die so I better go!


P.S. 19 days till my momma visits! :)

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