Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Thursday is always a slow day.
It's almost the weekend, but not quite.
There's still one more day to get through before weekend bliss can begin.
And what a blissful weekend it will be.
I plan on relaxing as hard as I can before I start my new job next week.
There is one thing to look forward to on Thursday's, however {besides power yoga, of course!}
Awkward and Awesome Thursday!
I've missed a few weeks, but I'm back on track...for this week at least.

- Have you ever had a man in his mid 50's approach you at work and ask if you know mouth to mouth?  I have.  Yes, it was very awkward.
- Apparently I've been put on the email list for my new job that I haven't even started.  This is great except that I get 50 emails a day with lingo that I have absolutely no way of understanding the meaning and it does not apply to me at all.  Then I get an email about picture day and immediately revert back to middle school thinking about how awful picture day was...oy!
- Never being able to decide what to do with your hair.  I see a picture of Reese Witherspoon and want to be blonde.  I see a picture of Mila Kunis and want dark hair.  I hate being indecisive!
- Three days after the NEEDTOBREATHE concert my ears are still a little bit fuzzy.  I most likely permanently damaged them, but it was so worth it!

- I am so excited to start a new job.  I've bought some cute professional clothes and shoes.  I'm going to decorate my cubicle in the most adorable way.  Meeting new people is always fun, too!
- I'm so excited to get my nails done on Monday!  I haven't had a manicure since I've been working at the deli 1 1/2 years ago.
- I love jean shopping.  I love it even more when I need a size smaller than expected!

Alrighty, it's time for bed because I have an early morning ahead of me.
Goodnight all!


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  1. pahaha i love the first awkward!! enjoy the ever flowing emails :)