Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hello loves.
I have missed A&A Thursday's a lot lately which is sad!
I thoroughly enjoy writing them.
Mostly because my day is full of both awkward and awesome moments.
So, here it goes...

Shalie and I hung out last night.  That's not the awkward part...this is:
Shalie: "Lindsey, when you write your blog you write just how you talk.  You're so witty."
Lindsey: "Aw you think I'm witty!?"
S: "Yeah!"
L: "Well, thanks!  I'm going to blog about how you think my blog is witty..."
S: "Umm...ok."
Haha She is my favorite!

- Sleeping through your alarm, jumping out of bed 20 minutes before you're supposed to leave for work, and then trying to pretend the greasy, messy hair look is "in".  It isn't.

- Listening to comedians through my headphones at work.  I laugh at everything, but get me in a situation where I'm not supposed to be loud {i.e. work, church, meetings...} and I can't control myself.  My team will just be sitting in silence doing our work and all of a sudden Jim Gaffigan says, "Putting bacon in a salad is like panning for gold.  The bacon is all you really want."  I lose it and everyone thinks I'm the crazy girl who randomly laughs.

- Shalie's puppy, Mia.
Every time I see her I contemplate stealing her.

-I found this Trash the Dress photo by Verve Photo Co.

I went to their blog and it is amazing.
If for some reason I don't end up eloping {which is my plan} I will be enlisting them for my wedding photos.

- Now that I have a job that will pay for my masters, my mind is filling with endless possibilities.  I've started a list of places I want to travel to {this one requires quite a bit of saving too}.  I'm researching which fields need more employees and which ones are shrinking.  I'm imagining where I'll go after school, where I'll live, where I'll meet a man, where my kids will grow's all very exciting!  The world is my oyster!

Haha This is so cheesy, but cute!

- Getting to hold one of my good friends baby for the first time.

Madison Elisabeth...I love her!

It's rare that I have more awesome moments in my life that awkward.
I guess these are the times to be thankful for that!
Anywho, I'm off to spend time with my girl Kat and her lovely momma.


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