Saturday, July 21, 2012


Why did I ever wait so long to get a juicer?!
I am seriously in love!
Last night, I bought a juicer for one reason...
I had already bought all the ingredients to do a juice cleanse and when I got home I realized my roommates smoothie maker was not going to cut it.
So, I begrudgingly spent the money on a decent enough juicer.
After I used it for a minute, I was having so much fun!
Even though this juice cleanse isn't much fun, I plan on juicing much better recipes when it's over.
I've heard carrot, strawberry, and orange is quite the combo.
So, let me know if you have any fave juice recipes.
Because I knew this juice cleanse was coming, I went a little crazy last night.
I had kettle corn and Dr. Pepper and a couple chocolate chips!
I know...nuts!
But I seriously haven't had "junk" food like that in a while.
Sure, a couple crackers here, a slice of pizza there {even though I usually do stay away from dairy}...
But actually sitting down in my living room stuffing my face...that hasn't happened for a while.
And certainly no soda!
And honestly, it wasn't worth it.
My morning run sucked today.
I felt sluggish and weighed down.
I can't believe that used to be my life.
Overeating junk food.
But that was such a comfort to me and to so many girls I know.
Now, what comforts me is knowing I'm treating my body right.
Putting healthy foods into my body, working out with friends, and taking control of my life.
I have lost a total of 27 pounds {maybe 25 after last night ;)} with hopefully about 33 to go!
If you have struggled with your weight for a while {about 10 years for me!} I really encourage you to take control.
It is hard at first.
The first 5 pounds kind of just came right off, but the next 5 were HARD to get rid of!
It's not easy, but it's all about baby steps.
This has been about an 8 month process, with a couple months in there where I didn't try very hard.
I really regret that.
I think of where I could be if I stuck with it hard for the past 8 months.
But life isn't about the past and regrets.
It's about learning from mistakes and moving forward stronger than you were before!
Confidence is something I still struggle with.
I think that's a product of years of not feeling good enough.
But I remind myself every day that I am transforming not only my body, but my mind.
I'm retraining my way of thinking about food, self-discipline, and life itself.
It's an empowering feeling.
And that does make me confident!
I hope you are striving to be the best person you can be, as well!
Time for another 8 oz of nastiness delicious juice!


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  1. one day at a time right?! I tried juicing for a bit, but couldn't stick with it. I need to be better! some of them were really great!