Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wedding Weekend

I love weddings.
Especially when a bunch of my friends from college are there.
I can't imagine a better night than dressing up with my friends and dancing the night away!
And that's exactly what we did...

Danielle and I

I was worried that I was going to die of heat stroke, but the sun set during the wedding and my dress was really light and flowy.
I loved it!

Lauren, me, Danielle

Lauren had a baby 8 WEEKS ago...
Yes, I hate her too!
But really, we have been friends for 6 years {and 5 with Danielle} and we'll be friends forever!
I got my dress from Kohls the day before the wedding.
The dress I had planned on wearing was just a tad snug and I wanted to be super comfy while dancing the wobble...and boy did we dance.
We also lit lanterns and sent them into the sky {Tangled anyone?!}

It was the coolest!

I had to work Saturday and did a little overtime so today is allll about relaxing.
Well, I'll probably clean my room like I do every other day because it's a mess 2.8 seconds after I clean.
Seriously, how does that happen?
I hope your weekend was amazing and you have a wonderful Sunday before it's back to work.
I bought a ton of books lately {oh...that's where all my money has been going?} so I'll be reading those all day too.
Later Lovelies!



  1. What a PERFECT night!!
    Lucky girl! I need to be better about reading books. In fact, my kindle is full of books waiting to be read!

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    P.S. I'm a new GFC follower!